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 Monster guide

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PostSubject: Monster guide   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:52 pm

The White Ridge

Emaciated Traitor 9 wood Prairie Wolf 9 non
Mutant Cactopod 7 wood Billabong Rhinodrake 7 earth
Emerald Viper King 7 wood Riverside Tuskmoor 8 metal
Wandering Pyrogolth 8 fire Nonastral Beetle 8 wood
Petite Sawfly (flying type) 8 wood Nonastral Beetle King 9 wood

Black Mountain

Taurox Advisor 59 metal Trioc Lord 59 metal
Trioc Ruffan 57 metal Taurox Ambassador lvl 56 metal
Taurox Warlock 55 non Rattus Sniper 56 non
Foxwing Supreme flying 60 fire Kugulus Taskmaster 90 wood
Tauox Entusiast 61 non Petalil Hexkiss 61 wood
Gang Leader 60 Aurum Bondsword 59 metal
Rattus Cadaverist 64 water


Taurox archon 60 metal Gided Princess 60 metal
Floral Treerat 60 non Aerox Augurer 57 meta
Shrunckin Flamethower 56 wood Mutinous Prisoner 58 earth
Titanial Bondmaid 58

Ridge of the dreaming clould

Sori Gnawer 61 water Tauox Entusiast 61 non
Foliagen spirt 61 non Noxtouch bones mason 63 water
Boneyard defector 62 metal raging pyrofiend 64 fire

Etherblade Outskirt

Wild ursug 5 non
Blumclaw kitten 5 non
Redtail minkii 5 non
Bramble cactopod 4 wood
flame of an empty grave 4 fire
oddfoot pup 4 water
wasteland torch 6 fire
skelerizen markman 6 metal
mad wolfing 2 non
scropion pup 2 water
penastral beetle king 3 water

the eagle inn traven
pentastral beetle 2 water
mad wolfking 2 non
scropion pup 2 water
emerald qigfu 1 metal

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Monster guide
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