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PostSubject: GEENIE GUIDE   Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:10 am

I've been trying to find a complete and easy to use guide about geenies but i couldnt. Google finds me alot of guides, but they are all hard to understand and most of them dont explain the plain bassics. Thats why, this time, i will try to make a guide hopeing you guys will understand it. It is my first guide/tutorial so bare whit me. All the things im about to write are from other people so i dont actually deserve any credit, here i go.....


In my point of wiev, geenies are like a 3rd skill bar wich you can personalise more. The reason im saying this is because a geenie can not attack/defend its owner and she doesnt react to things around, it just flyes and looks pretty. BUT, geenies have the capacity of learning skills that help you (either attack skills, buff/debuff skills or lureing skill), you and only you can control a geenies skills, she doesnt cast anything by herself.

There are 3 tipes of geenies, Infliction, Longevity, Discipline and Zeal (my personal favorite). Each geenie starts whit 1 skill specific for the tipe of geenie, i sayed i like using zeal geenie, because they have Earthflame skill, a skill wich is very good for lureing and can not be use unless you have a zeal geenie. The other tipes of geenies also have a unic skill.


Ill show bellow, what the stat points do. I will get back on them after ill show one example of skill.

Str. influences the power of a skill
Dex. influences the duration of the skill
Vit. influences the amount of energy a geenie could have
Mag. influences the rate of energy recovery

NOTE: do not put any stat points in to the geenie before you know atleast 1 skill that you'll want your geenie to learn.


First, you will need to see what skill you want your geenie to learn. Some of the skills only work in water for example or only for for clerics, thats why you will have to be carefull when picking a skill. For example i chosen SECOND WIND because my geenie was able to learn it at level 10 and because this skills helps me alot when fighting. It instantly heals me. So lets have a look on this SECOND WIND skill:

.....first of all, it seems that my geenie needs 3 affinity points (1 in water, 1 in earth and 1 in wood) to be able to learn it. I put those points in and i took my geenie to Messager of Earth, wich can be found in every major city. He is the guy who gives you the geenie, he can also sell you geenies, teach them or make them forget skills etc. Ok, so i've learned SECOND WIND.

NOTE: asign atribute points only after you know atleast 1 skill that you would like your geenie to learn.

After i learn a skill, i see a litle more info about it, for instance, how to make it stronger, besides leveling the skill as my geenie levels. As before, i will use second wind as a example: notice there, that if i put points in strenght, the skill will be more effective. This brings me back to the BUILD part again:, bassicly, each str point from my geenie, makes the second wind skill to heal me whit 2% more of its value. My level 10 second wind, normally would heal me whit 730hp everytime i cast it, BUT since i put 50 str in geenie build, second wind will heal me 100% more (50x2%=100%), that means 1460hp. I remind you that some skills work over time, that is where Dex. comes in, like i sayed, Dex. determines the duration of the skill.

Hope you understood the build and skill part.

Now, lets take a look on how to feed a geenie or how to level it.

Feeding a geenie is simple, you get some magic stones, I ONLY RECOMAND PERFECT STONES, and you drag'n'drop them over equiped geenie in the inventory window. Feeding your geenie means more STAMINA. By this point we all know geenie skills use energy wich is from stamina...

Leveling a geenie is also simple, she is eting a small part from the experience you get, either from killing mobs or just by turning in quests. But you will notice that you are leveling much faster than your geenie. That is why, you can adjust that, throu the means of infusing your geenie whit:
- your own experience.
- your own spirit.
- experience cubes infuse a geenie you simply chose the metode you want to use, from the 3 above and click level up. In case of a experience cube, you will need to drag one in to the empty box.

NOTE: if you want to infuse a geenie i recomand infuseing it whit experience or cube untill your a high level. after that you will have alot of sp you wont need and you can infuse that (i actually find spirit to be more effective in leveling a geenie).


You wont be able to trade your geenie unless you will switch its stare on TRADE STADE, she will have to stay on that stage for 168 hours actually before being able to trade.

Misc. imformations:

Lucky Points

Every 10 levels, a geenie gets some lucky points. The amount of these points influence the number of skills your geenie may know and use. For example, in the general info of my geenie we can see that she has 13/50 lucky points, this means my geenie can only use 1 skill, besides her unic skill. If she would have had 20/50 points she would have used 2 skills beside her unic one. At 30/50 lucky points, 3 skills and so on. The so called Queen of geeneis is very rare and it recives 10 lucky points every 10 levels (50/50). But those are very rare.

Aparence of Geenies

Sometimes you might noticed that some people have geenies that dont have "a normal look", thats because when a char choses sage or demon path his geenie changes her apearance acording to the players path. A eenie may also change her apearance if she gets more lucky points than usuall.

This is pretty much the end of the guide, i hope it will be easy to understand and follow. Again this is the first guide i ever made so be gentle, also please excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes that i done because i know i did alot of them, but hey, im human and english is my second language. I WOULD REALLY APRECIATE SOME FEEDBACK AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, and tips on how to make it complete because i might forgot about few things and i might make some new guides if people will find this one helpfull, so please leave a reply.

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PostSubject: Re: GEENIE GUIDE   Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:32 pm

thanks chelu!! flower
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