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 New .. Plz post Comment

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PostSubject: New .. Plz post Comment    Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:27 pm

Life was thought to be something fun
Do we truely know what it means now...
Death is a system that works in many ways
it can be good or it can tear someone up...
Love u can never choose it hits you in the e267
so you cant turn back ....

Do i really want to turn back though from the
Love i have come to recieve...
My opinions come from my heart that was given to me
to live my life....

So what truely is Life is it something we believe in ...
Or is it here to just be the pain that no one can get rid of.

The tears we shed come from what we know but can
we truely ever say we knew anything ... we get told all this
nonsense by people we can supposedly trust...
Is it True?

So I ask myself everyday am i ready to turn myself
or do i want to face that i am actually in love
with someone... Is it for real though will this one last
or is it another one to call False hope for and end it before
it ever starts .... (Shuts up) .......

I leave this diamond in my place to show what was left
of the heart i had to hold for the rest is to be known.....
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:28 am

the poem asked somewhat of what we all fear.

Great job Tig Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:10 am

Thank You Zapha ... It was random thing that i wrote when i was looking at forums ... and i liked your poem too
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:43 pm

We were presented something to keep us alive
a mind , a soul , and the one thing we follow,
the thing we talk about when we say we love you with all
our ----- .... what happens to our heart when
we lose the one we truely love
it starts out as whole heart you show everyone
your all happy but are you truely happy
or is there something you dont show that you know is happening deep
inside you..... piece by piece it breaks crumbles until it shatters
you know it is happening but is that truely
what you want..... you try so hard to keep your head held
high and you show everyone you are strong
but deep inside you know that the heart you want
whole is tearing.... you feel weak and sad
but you hide , holding in the tears you
want out ..... everyone says it is ok to cry sometimes
but you sit there and act like everything is ok
you tell everyone you are fine but
you know deep inside that your about to die
that the whole heart you want there
is now a diamond shard hanging by a piece
of thread ... that one more heart break or one more loss
will kill you so will you ever be truely strong
or is that just something you show so no one worries....
you show everyone your fine just to make sure no one is
sad that is what makes you stronger and keeps you alive.....
Everyone's happiness you see just from your lies about
being Happy .... No Hearts are crushed besides yours ....
For that you live your life in sorrow but in Happiness
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PostSubject: I AM HUNGRYYYY   Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:46 am

Cool poem Tig(I didnt read it all though) cheers

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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:06 am

very nice Wink i luv it

gJob Wink
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:27 pm

thx guys
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:46 am

Guys Wednesday people were talking about emo ... dont unless if u know what they are

People think they are alone they stand by themselves
not able to share there true feelings they hide
in blankets of darkness that is covered in a mask
of happiness cause they are scared to tell someone
... they ask themselves everyday if they truely told
someone will that person hate them will they be
treated differently..... Life is great in ways it throws
things at you that you love and cherish but does anyone
realize what we have someone doesnt ... alot of us
have a family we love and cherish while others
want to run far away to get away from theirs
..... There are people who live in the bottom
of the Abyss where they hope no can find them
yet they are always found.... we sit here and think
that these people want to hurt themselves and
not live anymore but have we ever looked at their
point of view and if we do will we see what is truely
going on ..... when we talk about these people we think
it is all about them hurting themselves but it isnt...
they do what they do to get away from pain cause they
dont have friends like some of us do , they dont have
help like others do they deal with all this on their own
do they wish sometimes they had a way to get rid of this
pain besides cutting themselves or commiting suicide
of course ..... But Emo is just short for Emotional basically
anyone is emo is just depressed it was a title given to some
of us who are depressed and dont have someone to help them
..... I know what it is like, i am not proud to say it but i am EMO
.... Life is not something that should be hated but
it isnt our faults if it is people just try to cope the only way they know
how without friends and help like others can .......

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Guild Leader

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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:09 pm

aww tig =/ hug

Dont give up never forget your dreams can come true ...

Knights ~G.L~
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:39 pm

hugs sorry i had to post that poem after what i saw in faction yesterday cause people saw kiro's alt Razor and started saying things about Emo so i had to post
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:58 am

Hurt , Sorrow
we show that we can love and
Hate but does anyone ever think
that there is more to that than
anyone sees did we ever
take a second to look at the person
we thought we knew to take a second
and see what we werent seeing
... No we thought what we wanted
they are ok we said so we went on
we left them there in the cold in
there pain and suffering and left
them to close up inside left them to be
a hollow shell .... do we ever just stand
there and wonder what if we actually
took the time to talk to that person
maybe to help them in anyway we can
.... Life goes on but does anyone ever
forget the past , though people tell us
to live our life now and stop thinking about
it we still wonder back on the moments in our
lives that were either the hardest or the
happiest ... Most people today ask themselves
was anything ever true , was it a lie and
we come to the ones that we think are the closest
but yet they ignore us so we go to the one that
is our enemy and yet we hit another brick
wall , we have fallen into more of an abyss
than we were before ... we get lost in our
mind and wonder will this hole ever end is
there a bottom to this sorrow or is our life
just a mistake and this is the polite way people
are telling us they dont want us around ....
we get flashbacks of our past that haunts our dreams
that makes us feel like we are bleeding inside
we blame ourselves for things that might have
nothing to do with us but can you blame that
person .... we search for the one to talk to
yet we get pushed away so further in our
lives when we do meet that person we have
lost all faith all hope all confidence in talking
about how we feel so we laugh and put on a happy
face cause if someone ask you if your fine unless if they
know who you truely are like a best friend or someone
very close should than you can get away with out
them asking whats wrong you can get by with i am
ok or i am fine and just laugh here and there
when actually you sit back in the corner and cry
or for some take pills or sit back with a knife debating if
your someone who deserves to stay awake to wake up the
next day or were you a mistake all this time just someone
people used to as a toy to be pushed around treated as a
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:08 pm

I let the tear fall down my face
let the blood drip down my arm
not trying to live for the past is
behind i linger on one person
to keep me alive if i lose them
now i will not survive ... i let
the last petal from the rose fall
not knowing what will happen i hear
the alarms in the distance , people
screaming and all i see is him looking
over me crying .. i feel the tears drip on
my face how i long to keep ahold of
the picture to be able to live once more
just to be with him to tell him what i couldnt
before ... how i failed my best friend i fell
where i promised i wouldnt ... i fell into the abyss
where i wont return where i hold on to my last
breath to stay alive to live on ...
but isnt this what i wished for the whole time
it was my choice to fall ... i choose to fall
i choose to let the blood be on my arm ...
four slashes for everytime i hurt my best friend
... eight doses for everytime i hurt him ...
my heart breaks until it last to be a shard
so fragile that one touch can break my whole life...
so i lie here waiting to see where my fate turns or
takes a trip into the darkness of the Abyss.
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PostSubject: Re: New .. Plz post Comment    

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New .. Plz post Comment
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