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 She will truely understand

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PostSubject: She will truely understand   Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:02 pm

I came to you once you told me how you felt
than i come to you again and that has
changed so do i come to you a third time
or do i sit back and see if you are truely
a friend and let you come to me like a friend
should and talk to me about things
not hide it until a mistake is made
knowing how i felt and knowing what you knew and
i didnt ... now it feels like i am the Slave who
is there to be fooled with who is there to be played
with ... The punishments that come with my
actions i pay for and still pay for now but
yet i still do them i still go in the corner
away from everyone and try to put myself into
a rest but yet now i have learned from someone
else that has come to me with time they can spare
no matter what cause they care .....
so do i come to you or do i test our friendship
i sit here and do neither i keep to myself but
i watch as others test each other on friendship
loyalty and love that some cant spare for others
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She will truely understand
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