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 How to stack a bh.....

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PostSubject: How to stack a bh.....   Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:38 am

First ill explain how and after that ill explain the benefits.

DAY 1 :
get bh1 complete and turn in.
get bh2 you can complete but DO NOT turn in. easyer is not to complete it, so you wont get confused.
DAY 2:
you allready have bh2(from day1), now get bh1, complete boths bh1 and bh2 and turn in.
get bh2 (from this day) you can complete but DO NOT turn in.
get bh3 you can complete but DO NOT turn in.
DAY 3:
you allready have bh2 and bh3 (from day 2), now get bh1, complete and turn in all of them.
get bh2 you can complete but DO NOT turn in.
get bh3 you can complete but DO NOT turn in.

from day 3 and on you will be stacked, bassicly you will only have to repeat the day3 on and on^^

the advantages of being stacked:
you save money because you wont need to teleport so much
you save time cause you dont need to get bh/turn in bh
later, when doing high lvl bh, stacking is a must, so the sooner you get used to it, the better.

there are no real disadvantages that i could think of.
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PostSubject: Re: How to stack a bh.....   Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:03 am

Hehe there's 1 disadvantage, really minor:
Since you don't turn in BH2 and BH3 on first day, you lose some exp you could gain, during stacking.
Of course, gains in terms of saved time and other, are much bigger.

Also, for those who are lazy to read whole above guide, there's simpler guide which I heard from my friend. It is so easy that you can even remember it:
Never turn in BH the same day you taken it
Yes, this way you lose even more exp when stacking, but it is really easy to remember and do. And also you don't have to go to Archosaur after you finish BH.

My BH day looks like:
1. Go kill BH bosses, if I was too lazy to do that yesterday
2. Turn in all BHs
3. Take new BHs immediately (within 30 minutes, but I see no point in waiting since I'm already at NPC)
4. Go kill BH bosses if I'm not too lazy/sleepy/drunk

And one more point which explains why I can turn in and take BHs in any state: it is convenient to place NPC dialog so that first line of it is crossing BH NPC. Then you can put cursor at the crossing, hold shift, and click a lot of times without thinking - your every hit will be either on NPC or on "Quests" or on first quest in dialog. Whether it is "turn in" or "take" quest, doesn't matter, because I have to do both.
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How to stack a bh.....
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