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 Sakura Gardens

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PostSubject: Sakura Gardens   Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:47 pm

Sakura Gardens

Sakura, my sweet Sakura,

blooming oh so gracefully.

Your beauty is everlasting,

but only I can see.

Sakura, my lovely Sakura,

watching over me.

You were my everything,

even the death of me.

You were my light,

shining through the darkness.

When I'm near you,

I can't find words to say.

Sakura, my only Sakura,

please, why can't you stay?

I am lost without you,

I've already lost my way.

Sakura, my sweet Sakura,

I love you, can't you see?

As darkness clouds my vision,

I dream of you with me.

As death takes me away,

I begin to lose my memories.

But there is one that I shall never forget,

and that is of you and me.

I love you my beloved Sakura,

this is the end as well as the beginning.

As long as your alive,

I can rest peacefully.

So goodbye, my love,

My sweet Sakura.

~By Koiumi (Nezzumi)
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Sakura Gardens
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