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 The effects of microwaving cake with intense radiation, the love story.

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PostSubject: The effects of microwaving cake with intense radiation, the love story.   Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:41 am

One day a long long time ago a scientist woke up with the munchies after a wicked bender and had nothing but a box of cake mix as far as eats went. The scientist did not own an oven so he used a nuclear reactor to make the spongy goodness. During the nuclear fusion process something went array and the cake looked as though it was breathing, in and out, in and back out ,the sides of the cake were really alive. In his fascination the scientist fell into the reactor and became a super being, he called himself bong man, since he was constantly of fire and smelled of really stinky liquid. He had also gained a sidekick that day, super cake, and she was beautiful. Super cake was 3 feet in diameter and about 3 feet tall and had super human//cake strength and could fly. Little to bong man's knowledge he would soon gain a love interest in his dear side kick. Soon bong man started cheating on his wife, and found himself staying at the cake's secret box cave thingy, falling ever so deeply into her gold brown sugar and whipped topping. But there love would never last the world would never allow super beings of different species to procreate, her being cake and him being some scientist.


After being on the lam for the last 9 years bong man has grown cold with the world and its people, and decided to form the new evil in the world. The cake didn't like his idea even though thee cruelty of the people was aimed at super cake, even so the cake vowed to never let those people down, no matter the hardship. Eventually bong man and super cake split in a very nasty way.

About 3 days later...

Bong man and super cake finally face off, its messy they level 300 major cities and destroy the infrastructure as far as the eye can see. Bong man had the advantage but couldn't bring himself to end super cake,for he still had feelings for the cake, he loved the cake, he couldn't live without the cake. Then out of nowhere the cake upper cutted bong man with a super cake special pew pew laser punch and pure rage ensnared the very soul of bong man and he went on a deranged killing spree destroying anything and everything in his path, including the cake. Once he realized what he had done he went all emo and bought skinny jeans and never fought again. He died due to lack of circulation in his legs a year later....THE END

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PostSubject: Re: The effects of microwaving cake with intense radiation, the love story.   Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:50 am

lmfao XD

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The effects of microwaving cake with intense radiation, the love story.
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