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 Intense Beauty

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PostSubject: Intense Beauty   Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:21 pm

Not bitter not sweet
Yet a lovely contrast
Like pearly white teeth
You shine like no other
You divine like no other
Your beauty so intense
Youíre matched by no other
Sensitivity with a side of fierce
Driven with the ambition to pierce Ö
The heart of the looker
That makes me want her
So I trek forward into the war that is love
Hopefully I will win
But when did you become such a lovely burden
You have my heart beating
So walk with me, talk with me
Tell me what I have to do
Because I want to stop looking Ö
Now that Iíve found you
This will be like the stories they write in Hollywood
Jack and Rose or Romeo and Juliet
No matter the script
It will all be the same
Just always know my love wonít be in vane
So like a deer in the headlights
I stand here in awe
Just because of your intense beauty
Like a taste of water that can replenish
You keep flowers in bloom
You keep water running
You keep the earth spinning
You keep the stars shining
You keep the sun burning
But most importantly
You keep my heart beating
So from here on out
It will be you in the beginning, me in the middle
And us in the end.
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Intense Beauty
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