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 True until the end

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PostSubject: True until the end   Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:13 pm

No one is ever the same when they grow
we start out young and great but than
comes that day when something so great
changes..... we can be scared , and live in fear
we can be happy and stay good until we die
or we can live with sorrow and the pains it
bring with it .... an emotion that comes with
some of this is Jealousy ... can u say that
someone is jealous just cause of one event
No ... if you truely knew a person you would
be able to tell how they changed and when is
the right time to step in and help , stay back, or
just sit there and listen .... Time can never fix
anything .. yea we choose if we remember or we
forget and sometimes we dont choose at all
... One thing a person could hate is not remembering
their childhood so when they go to search for answers
on how they are now they cant find but you can recall
one incident yet is it bad or is it good.... Over
the years some of us forget but some us learn from
what happen and others are stuck until they can
solve the issue ..... But until the End there are some
people that will stay with you ... YOU just have
to learn how to relax and open up and to remember
unlike everyone else this person wont hurt you and
they wont judge you but they will come out
and tell you if your doing something wrong and they
will back you up in a fight if you are right ... Friends and
Loved Ones are true until the end but sorrow can always
be good as long as you have someone to hold onto or
when you need to cry they will hug you and let you soak
their shirt until your finished and than they will talk and listen...
"Sorrow hurts but teaches us a lesson , Love is great but someone always ends up in a broken heart*
I love you
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True until the end
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