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 becomming sane

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PostSubject: becomming sane   Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:06 pm

Even in the sanest of worlds, i find destruction.
Leaving no peace behind.
Leaving nothing unturned.
Leaving nothing unbroken.
Maybe in the past, i have created scares that will never be removed.
From myself, My only friend, You.
Your mistakes have done so much to everyone.
And as if it doesn't matter to you, you turn your back on the truth.
When you are Absence i long for you, to touch you, to lie to you, to kill you, to tell you all i have hid from you.
I wait for the day you repeat yourself.
Wondering if you notice my pain. As you make me watch what i love die.
Over And Over.
"Oh, how i wish for soothing rain.all i wish is to dream again."

Out of all people. You.
Stop making promises you'll fend off.
That even you know you will brake.
You didn't love me like the other girl's.
Though you still found a way to fck with my head, without brakeing my heart.
Though for all your lie's never fooled me.
It took 2 week's. To fall for you, to realize you were an asswhole, yet to defend you.
To let you find your way over the walls i built.
Though in the end it was and very much still is. Your fault that they fell in the first place.
Be polite in my Absence. The shocking truth so willingly known.
Even you out of all people didn't listen. Player of such some may say.
Personal gain is all you seek.
Call me when it's over. Your little game.
We will see who wins when you lose everything. That means Anything to you.
Egotistic, Selfish, Lover of yourself and yourself only.
You always said it's all for fun.
This is not going to be fun for you. Nor is it going to be pain free.
Myself going out with a Bang, so to speak.
Making it known of who you are.
Your ego larger then most.
Even if so. you never truly tired.
Some of use are driven by things we have no choice but to be.
Some are driven by Love.
Some are driven by Hate.
Some are driven by Truth.
Some are driven by pain.
You laugh in victory. She cry's out in confusion. He sits in anger.

I sit here watching it all. Once i believed you cared.
You told me you did, that you try.
"If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."
I can only get this so wrong. But it is well worth it.
vous avez rompu votre promesse, Les Chevaliers Ne vous appartient plus.
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becomming sane
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