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 zomg tis este

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PostSubject: zomg tis este   Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:37 am

So I randomly decided to look at this forum when I was goin through all my old stuffs and what do I find,
People actually missing Knights,
[including Kiro and I which surprised me a lil more that ppl still think about us, i am awesomeness ftw eh]
even after all the complaining that went on in there lol

I've gotten a few PMs on here askin where me and Kiro been {tho I'm sure they miss me more Wink )
so I thought I'd just say that after extensively perusing and abusing numerous other crappy
free MMORPGs [as well as several other similarly awful pay to play ones..)
Kiro and I have, for now at least, more or less abandoned the interwebs and its drama causing ways.

For the most part i've taken up drawing again [along with never showing it to anyone, not even kiro haha]
and watching anime and playing console games on my various.. consoles.
Kiro been watching enough anime to make even me get sick of it but meh could be worse.

Yes we went poof,
and no we probably won't come back.
[Well I've logged onto PW several times in the past and no one noticed even tho they we on in my FL lol but hey wtvs Razz ]

As for the discussions about passing on leadership in Knights,
I'm afraid that it just isn't going to happen.
Kiro has a very big sense of propriety and would rather see his child abandoned than in someone else's arms,
for lack of a better analogy.
That said if you all really are still together it should be relatively easy to get together and form another guild,
whoever taking the initiative deserving leadership o'course Razz

I'll probably check in here every so often if someone decides they wanna convo
until then
Hopin you all are still havin fun
much loves from the Estevaan ;P

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PostSubject: Re: zomg tis este   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:14 pm

Miss you too... or i should say.. I miss you. you may not miss me =P I didnt leave on the best of terms. ah well, thats life. *hugs* anyway and best of luck to you.
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PostSubject: Re: zomg tis este   Fri May 18, 2012 9:56 pm

Surprisingly I've missed you both as well, fully including the faction, however I doubt there is another faction our there like Knights, not that I've gone looking but no one could be as crazy as we were.
But it's great to hear your still drawing, and good to know that you both got out of the crazy web drama.
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PostSubject: Re: zomg tis este   

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zomg tis este
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